MH Stories 2: Which Platform is Better? PC or Switch

In this article, we’ll show you how the Monster Hunter Stories 2 runs on both Nintendo Switch and PC. 

If you're still trying to work out what platform you want to play on and it's fair to say there is of course a frame rate difference between playing on PC and playing on Switch. It runs incredibly smoothly on PC but on Switch you do get a variable frame rate. Sometimes it looks completely fine other times there are of course very noticeable frame drops. 

However, I personally like to play this game on Nintendo Switch because the game runs really well in handheld mode and this is definitely one of those games that I can sort of see myself putting a lot of time in just sort of playing on the couch. So for that reason this isn't say a sort of determining factor for me but I do appreciate that you know if you want to sort of play your games sitting on the TV, sitting on the couch or sit at your desk then this might be a thing that's kind of really important to you so.

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When it comes to side by side, visually there is very little difference between PC and Switch version. There might be a few sort of slightly better shadows on the PC version but largely speaking if you're just looking at it side by side there isn't really much with it, it is largely speaking just a frame rate thing.

So either way I'll let you guys make your mind up but for those of you guys that are sort of trying to work out which version of the game you want to buy it hopefully this helps you out.