Best Settings to Run Tales of Arise on Old or New PC

In this guide, we’ll show you the best settings to run Tales of Arise smoothly on low-end or high end PC.


So let’s start with the Game Mode, make sure that the Game Mode is On in this game.


Xbox Game Bar - Off


Next, make sure that you don’t use any overlay.


Background Recording - Off


Recorded Audio - Off

Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling - On


Under the power option, make sure that you are using Balance or High Performance.


Next, make sure that your drivers are up-to-date


Now, let’s open the game settings


Graphic Settings:


Screen Mode - Fullscreen  


Resolution - Use your native resolution


Vertical Sync - On


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Framerate Limit - No restrictions (If you have an old PC with heating issues then lock your fps with the amount of hertz that you have on your monitor).

Menu Texture Quality - If you have 3GB or more go with High and if you have 2GB or less then go with Middle.


Bloom and Glow - On


Motion Blur - Off


Resolution Scale - 90 or 85


Antialiasing - Off


Shadow Quality - Middle


Screen Space Reflection - On


Anisotropic Filtering - Go with High if you have 3GB or more. If you have less than 2GB then go with Low. 


Ambient Occlusion - Off


Volumetric Lighting - Off

Screen Space Shadow - Off

Global illumination - Off


Depth Of Field - Off