FIST Forged in Shadow Torch Useful Tips for Getting Started

In this FIST Forged in Shadow guide, I want to give you a few useful tips on some of the things that I wish I knew before getting started the game.


So let’s start with picking the right tool for the job. Throughout the game you'll encounter a variety of different weapons and every weapon can and will get the job done but you'll find that different weapons may be better equipped to take down certain enemies in Fist. You’ll get access to the eponymous Fist itself, you also have my personal favorite the Gurren Lagann inspired Drill and you also have electrified whips. These all have their own unique play style. So it's important to learn what's best for you and what enemies are most susceptible to their attacks


The Fists are your go-to run-of-the-mill weapon. They allow for quick combos uppercuts and ground pounds. Their unique ability is the ability to grab enemies with circle allowing you to open up opponents who are blocking your attacks. So basically run up grab them and then punch their lights out.

Moving on from there to the Gurren Lagann, the Drill that pisses the heavens maybe not the heavens but pierces the enemies. The Drill is a slightly slower weapon capable of longer combos and some swift movement techniques allowing you a little bit more AI control over the fights on screen. Then has a special action which allows you to open turbine-like doors and also provides you with some extra utility in traversal.


Then the Whip is a faster weapon, it's longer range as well which is great for keeping foes at a distance and also introduces some fun mechanics with over charging your Whip and firing out some rockets.


While you'll encounter these weapons and obtain them at different points throughout the game as you can. There's a nice sort of mix there to really give you different options for when you're fighting your enemies.


FIST Forged, Shadow Torch, Useful Tips, Getting Started Guide

The next most important thing is to level up your weapons. You can level up your weapons at the save points listed around the world and this is broken into several trees. It requires money and sometimes an in-game item called a Data Disk but these will really open up the flow of combat for each weapon type as well as provide you with some extra offensive options on those tougher boss fights. It's important to make sure that you are leveling up these weapons at every opportunity. Especially, given that they all have different skill trees because you'll be surprised just how much these upgrades can help you dish out extra damage on those later bosses.


So while it may well be kind of tempting to lean more into the weapon you enjoy. The most definitely make sure you are spending your time upgrading all three to get the most out of them.


Now, of course this is a Metroidvania style game so you'll be doing plenty of exploration but the next point to keep in mind is that it's okay to miss areas. Metroidvania typically of course have loads of avenues to explore, items to collect and secret areas to discover. It can seem kind of daunting at first especially when you don't remember the map but don't feel like you need to explore every area straight away, if that's your playstyle fair enough but you can always revisit those areas later and in fact it's actually encouraged because once you obtain those new items you'll get new traversal options which of course opens up the map. So don't stress about exploring every corner right at the start because you'll have plenty of opportunities to revisit them later on.


Make sure that you are actually using the map. Sounds kind of simple but this is something that quite often in these kind of games. You can feel lost and if you are feeling lost pull out the map it really is very easy to lose your bearing in Metroidvania style games but thankfully this one actually provides a useful map for your next objective. So you always have a useful marker kind of pointing you in the direction you need to go. The map also details the percentage of an area that's cleared and even the items that you've left behind.


So going back to our previous point about not worrying too much about exploring every single corner, when you revert back and you take a look at the map you can then of course use that to check off and find out what you might have missed when you do decide to go and revisit.

Now, of course outside of that it really is just a case of exploring the world and taking on those bosses, taking those battles and seeing what the game has to offer.