How to Play New World with the Controller?

New World does not have the controller support right now however, there's a simple workaround to play it with the controller. For this you have to take some precautions and under certain circumstances assign the action that you think is appropriate to each controller input. But don't worry: there is also an alternative that can save you the work.


Do the following to be able to play New World with the controller:


Go to your Steam library, right click on "New World" and click on Properties.

Go to the "Controller" tab and change "Use Default Settings" to "Activate Steam Input".

Now connect the controller and start the game.

As soon as you have selected your character and released into the New World game world, use the key combination "Tabulator + Shift".

The Steam overlay will be activated and you will find the option "Controller Configuration" at the top right of the screen.

Here you can assign an action to all entries.

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It could take a lot of time until you have assigned all of the actions to the controller inputs. Fortunately, you also have the option "Browse Configurations" . Here you can try out the controller configurations of other players and in the best case scenario you don't have to change anything or hardly anything.


Nonetheless, some drawbacks remain. You can now use the controller, but the layout in the game does not adapt to the new input device. On top of that, the various input options cannot be completely covered by the controller. For a better gamepad experience, you have to wait for official support.