XP Farming: How to Get Experience Fast in Battlefield 2042

In the Battlefield 2042 (BF42), to take advantage of all the available resources, you have to level up in the game. In this guide, we’ll show you how to earn experience (XP) in BF42.


There are few things that you can do to farm experience points quickly in BF42:


- Driving vehicles, marking opponent from a tank or from an aircraft will get you XP and an assistance bonus in the event of a kill.


- Use the Casper class drone to mark enemies. Each marking of an opponent gets you XP, you earn bonus XP and assistance if a friend kills an opponent marked by your drone.


Using proximity grenades is very effective in farming XP quickly. All you need to do is throw a grenade at a contested objective in Conquest mode and each enemy pass earns you XP points. This technique can be improved by using an Ammo Replenishment Crate to obtain additional grenades and gain XP by assisting your allies.

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Playing with your squad and playing the objectives allows you to quickly gain XP. Revive, capture points, mark enemies, heal your friends, give ammunition are different techniques that allow you to increase your level effectively.


Start a game every 24 hours! Each day, the first part of the day gives a bonus of 10,000 additional XP points.


Play Hazard Zone mode with three friends. Recovering the maximum amount of data disc and extracting yourself from the game allows you to gain as much or more experience than a conquest game which can last twice as long.


These tips will help you to progress through the levels of the game and therefore to take advantage of your favorite weapons and agents as quickly as possible!