Best Halo Infinite Settings to Boost FPS on XBOX Series X

In this short guide, we’ll show you the best Halo Infinite settings to boost FPS on XBOX Series X.


Now, if you want get the maximum 4K 120 fps then you need have an HDMI 2.1 supported monitor or TV.


So let's go to settings


TV & Display Option


Resolution - by default it will be 4K, why they give you the choice it's because if you have a 2K monitor or even a 1080p monitor you can play in 1080p 120 hertz same thing with the 2K. Also some TVs don't have the HDMI 2.1 they just have the 2.0 but they can do like for an example 4k 60 hertz and also can do 1080p 120 hertz so some people like to play 1080p at 120 so you can do that here.



Refresh rate - 120 hertz (max)

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4K TV Details (here you can see if you have an issue with whatever like the amount of bits that you're using, the amount of hertz, fps, resolution. So you should have like all those green check marks).


After that I really recommend to do the Calibrate TV and the Calibrate HDR for games. It's really good the HDR1 it's pretty fast and it will help you a lot for your visibility.


Video Mode - I recommend using Allow 50Hz, Allow 24Hz, Allow auto low-latency mode and Allow variable refresh rate (if you have this feature on your TV it will help a lot with tearing). Don’t use Allow YCC 4:2:2 (you don't want to use this bandwidth on the Xbox it's bigger than the PS5, you can do the 4:4:4 if you want depending on your TV)

- Use Allow 4K 

- Use Allow HDR10

- Use Auto HDR


Video fidelity - So this is pretty much where I recommend using the auto latex for override and I recommend to use the 10-bit don't go at 12-bit you because if you do 4K 120 hertz at 12-bit you will not have the proper bandwidth to do it so they will like just decrease some random settings for example you can have like 4:2:0 if you didn't check the 4:2:2 but the best combination for the Xbox Series X it's 4K 120 hertz 10-bit.

Color Space - Standard (recommended)


Now, let's go back to Hello Infinite settings

Video - Graphics Quality - here you have two modes Quality and Performance. Quality you can do 4K 60 fps and the Performance is 4K 120 fps. Here, I am recommended to go with Quality (4K 60)


Now, if you want more fps then I recommend to play this game on the PC.