Halo Infinite: How to Find and Unlock the Best Weapons?

In this short tutorial, we’ll show you how to unlock some powerful weapons in the Halo Infinite.


In the Halo Infinite campaign, there are some amazing weapons that you can obviously find or even collect via killing an enemy but there are also different ways to unlock weapon. You can go to any FOB and spawn in those weapons to help you progress in the campaign or just have fun enslaving those opponents.


So as you progress through the story, you will notice red markers popping up on your map. These red markers the ones with the targets in a high value target missions, side missions. Upon you traveling to set points under map you'll be met with an enemy or a group of enemies who may be a little tankier and stronger than the usual. These are the opponents you want to be killing and for killing these guys and all the ADS within this surrounding certain area you will earn weapon for you to use at any time you want. Once you unlock these weapons you can head to any FOB on the map and spawn in said weapons to help your case.

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There are also weapons hidden throughout the map as well, which you will find a lot of these spawn next to audio logs.