How to Manage Cows in Farming Simulator 22? FS22

In Farming Simulator 22 (FS22) you can keep cows to make profit. In this guide, we’ll show you how to properly care cows and what options you have to increase their yield or the sales price.


When selecting a cow, you should always pay attention to its usefulness. Brown Swiss and Holstein cows are most suitable for milk production, but bring less profit. Feeds them with total mixed rations (mix hay, straw, silage and mineral feed in the mixer wagon) to increase milk production. Angus and Limousin, on the other hand, can achieve a high sales value if they are kept correctly. Just like pigs, cows feed them to produce manure for your manure tank. If there is a dung heap next to the stable, you can also use straw litter to make manure.


How to, Manage Cows, Farming Simulator 22, FS22

Nourishment: Millet, silage and total mixed rations (100% effectiveness)

Hay (80% effectiveness)

Grass (40% effectiveness)

Reproductive age: 18 months

Products: milk, manure, slurry

Increase health: place straw in the stable