How to Unlock or Get a Free Helicopter in GTA 5 Online

In this quick guide, we’ll show you a simple trick that will allow you to save more than two million dollars on a helicopter by just simply owning an agency and a hangar.


What you need to do is you need to exit your agency and once you are leaving it you want to make sure to leave through a vehicle, which is going to be the agency SuperVolito. As soon as you have acquired it then you want to take it to your hangar and then store it in there. The game will think that you have just delivered a Pegasus vehicle in there and would just let you use it in whenever you want. You can use it as your personal vehicle and also call it up.


So it goes back into your hangar and it will basically function like any other Pegasus vehicle that you would store within your hangar like the Hydra, the Buzzard etc…


How to Unlock, Free, Helicopter, SuperVolito, GTA 5 Online

As soon as you've stored the SuperVolito within your hangar you can call it in at any time that you please on anywhere on the map and you won't really have to hassle with Pegasus or go back to your agency for it.