Best Settings to run Elden Ring without Stuttering on PC

In this short guide, we’ll show the best settings to run Elden Ring without Stuttering on high-end or low-end computer.


So first, let’s optimize the Windows

Game Mode - On

Xbox Game Bar - Off

Don’t use any Overlay in this game

Accelerated GPU Scheduling - On

For Nvidia users go to Manage 3D Settings and change the Shader Cache Size to Unlimited.

For AMD users make sure that you're using the performance tab from AMD radian and put Minimum Frequency to your video card.

Next search and open the eldenring.exe file that almost 78mb, double click on it and go to option and make sure that you're running High Performance don't use the Let Windows Decide.

Under the power management make sure that you are using Balance or High Performance.

Also, make sure that your graphics driver is up-to-date.


Now let's open the in-game settings:

Screen Mode - Borderless Windowed

Resolution - Native

Auto-Detect Best Rendering Settings - Off 

Quality Settings - Custom

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Advanced Settings

Texture Quality - Maximum (depends on the amount of vram)

Antialiasing Quality - Low

SSAO - Medium (for low-end PC user can go with Off)

Depth of Field - Off

Motion Blur - Off

Shadow Quality - Medium

Lighting Quality - Medium

Effects Quality - Medium

Volumetric Quality - Medium

Reflection Quality - Low

Water Surface Quality - Low

Shader Quality - High

Global Illumination Quality - Medium

Grass Quality - Medium