Lost Ark: Platinum Fields and Rewards guide

Lost Ark is a free-to-play MMO video game where you can create a character and level it up by chaining quests and dungeons in the game. After you reaching level 50 you’ll be able to unlock many new activities including Platinum Fields. You can access this content once your character has an equipment level of 250.


Besides, you must also need to complete the [Guide] Announcement: Platinum Field, which you will get via the guide tab of your quest log.


Once the Platinum field has been unlocked using this access quest, to participate in it, you must have a Platinum Field entry ticket which you can obtain in the Chaos Dungeons on a random basis.


Regarding the course, you must use your crafting skills for 15 minutes. Some items that you will collect give you bonuses that you can bring back to the NPCs at the entrance to the event to benefit from them.

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