Fortnite: A Darth Vader Skin is available in C3S3

From time-to-time Fortnite releases Battle Passes and they allow you to get skins and cosmetics throughout the season. These passes can be purchased using V-Bucks, the in-game currency and changes with each new season.


Generally, these passes are made up of new skins, some with a collaboration. This is the case for example for Spider-Man or Deadpool skins! According to some finds, a Darth Vader skin may be a part of the pass for Chapter 3 Season 3.


A presentation of the UE 5 took place recently, allowing you to find out more of what this new technology has to offer. During this viewers were able to take a screenshot of files related to Fortnite which were displayed for a few seconds on the screen, very small in size.


Fortnite, A Darth Vader Skin, Available, C3S3

On one of these folders, we can clearly see the name "C3S3_VADOR", or "Chapter 3 Season 3 Vader ". It could therefore be that a Darth Vader skin is available in the next season of Fortnite. Nothing has been confirmed at this time however, it is even possible that it is a simple code name set up by Epic Games.