Fall Guys: How to Fix Can’t Connect, Login, Start or Play FG?

Fall Guys (FG) is now Free-to-Play game with many new features such crossplay functionality, new season battle and new currencies. However, some players have been experience logging or starting issues. In this short guide, we’ll show you how to fix this problem if you encounter it!


Since FG is Free-to-Play and also it is available on new consoles such as the Nintendo Switch with the cross-play functionality, the game's servers are under very high demand and like many games, players have logging and starting issues. If you can't logging and play Fall Guys, you can try one of the following tips, but keep in mind that the best way is to wait and keep trying.


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Check your internet connection

Use a wired connection

Check Fall Guys Server Status

Verify your game files from the Epic Games app

Contact Fall Guys Support

You can also try changing game servers from the Option menu in Fall Guys and select a less demanded server.