Fallout 76: how to fix Trade Secret bug 2022?

Many Fallout 76 players are still experiencing bug issues. According to the number of views on the videos concerning the Trade Secret mission or the many questions about it on the forums dedicated to the game, the problem is quite recurrent.


If the rays on the door are red, you won't be able to go through, and that's completely normal. On the other hand, if the door opens but the blue rays don’t let you through despite using the pass, you are not alone.


So, what if you find yourself stuck like this player without being able to access the next area? You can check out the following video or follow our guide below:


The solution would be simply to "jump server" and restart the game from the main menu so that the system updates the status of the door.


Fallout 76, how to fix, Trade Secret bug, 2022

For some players, not forcing doors in, but waiting for them to open automatically would also have helped unlock the solution. Performing the manipulation several times may also be necessary if the bug persists, until the blue rays let you access the next room again, as is supposed to happen.


Hope that Bethesda fixes this problem so that this guide no longer has to be used.