The Cycle Frontier: Best Settings to Run TCF Smoothly on PC

In this guide, we’ll show you the best settings to run The Cycle Frontier smoothly on your high end or low end PC.


Windows Settings:

Game Mode - On

Xbox Game Bar - Off

Background Recording - Off

Recorded Audio - Off

Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling - On

Also, make sure that you have the latest graphics driver

Power Option - Balance or High Performance (laptop)


In-game Settings

Selected Rendering Device - Select your graphics card

Display Mode - Fullscreen

Resolution - Native

Resolution Scaling - 100

Image Sharpening - 0

Max FPS - Unlimited

FOV - 80

The Cycle Frontier, Best Settings, TCF,  PC

Video Quality Option

Auto Detect - Off

Video Quality - Custom

Draw Distance - Medium

Shadow Quality - Low

Post Processing Quality - Low

Texture Quality - Epic (Depends on the amount of Ram)

Visual Effects Quality - Medium

Foliage Quality - Medium


Advanced Options


Show FPS - On

Enable DX12 - Off (Depends on your PC)

Enable Motion Blur - Off

Enable Multi Threaded Rendering - On

Enable GPU Crash Debugging - On