Sony's PlayStation Stars loyalty program Benefits, Rewards

Sony has revealed the loyalty program for PS gamers. The objective of this program is simple: to thank the players for all these years. The program is not yet available however, some information has already been leaked.  


The PlayStation Stars loyalty program will be free, and once you become an official member of the program you will have the chance to earn rewards for free through the various activities. For example, there will be a "Monthly Login" campaign where you just need to play any game. Other campaigns will ask you to win tournaments, win trophies, or even do a "first" on your time zone to obtain a platinum trophy.


PS Stars members will be able to earn loyalty points. It will then be possible to exchange them for funds for your wallet on the PSN, but also certain products from the PlayStation Store. Additionally, if you have a PS Plus subscription, you will automatically earn points when making a purchase from PS Store.


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Finally, Sony mentioned “digital collectibles”. Contrary to what some people think, there will be no question of NFT. Sony is still doing some testing on the program before launching it later this year.