Active NBA 2K23 locker codes to earn VC

In this short guide, we’ll share you all the active NBA 2K23 locker codes and also show you how to enter or redeem them.


In NBA 2K23, you have the chance to earn various rewards in MyTeam and MyCareer mode such as players or even cosmetics for your character. Some of these rewards can be collected using locker codes.


Here, we’ll give you the list of all the codes active on NBA 2K23.


Active locker codes, locker codes in NBA 2K23


Temporary codes


MYTEAM-SILENCERS-PACK-3HWPC - offers a Silencers pack (expires October 1 at 08:59)


Active Locker Codes, NBA 2K23, Earn VC, Earn MT

Codes that do not expire


No code is available at the moment


How to use a locker code in NBA 2K23?


To use a locker code, it's very simple. You just need to follow the steps below:


Head into MyTeam from the main menu


In the “Home” menu , click on the “ Community Home ” tab


Click on “Cloakroom codes” to enter the code

The code can be entered in upper or lower case, this is no problem. However, think of the dashes if there are any in the code!