FIFA 23: How to earn, use FUT Coins and Points? free legal

Like in the other installments in FIFA series, you will be able to use FIFA Points to get packs or participate in Ultimate Draft in FIFA 23. FUT Coins will also be available in the latest FIFA installment and allow you to earn items on the Transfer Market. But how do you get FUT Coins and Points in FIFA 23?


How to earn Points in FIFA 23?


There are three different ways to earn points legally in FIFA 23:


In the FUT Store

In the shop of your platform

With physical cards from retailers that you can get in exchange for FIFA Points and through trusted resellers


You can spend these FIFA Points in the FUT store to buy packs and other items, but also to participate in Ultimate Draft.


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How to earn FUT Coins in FIFA 23?


Regarding FUT Coins, it is totally inadvisable to buy them or send them to a friend. These practices are against the rules established by EA, so you will have to win them in the game! To win , many techniques exist:


Play FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team) matches

Earn rewards in modes like Rivals and Team Battles

Sell ​​items or players at a reasonable price on the Transfer Market


This way, you should be able to get Coins easily in FIFA 23. Above all, remember not to buy, offer or receive Coins from another player!