Fix MW2 beta unable to play, errors and bug Issues

In this quick guide, we'll be covering a few common errors that many players are encountering at the beginning or during Modern Warfare 2 open Beta play.


Let’s start with the crashing, what exactly can we do to fix it? Well, before you do anything close out of the game then locate your game, if it's in Steam right click properties and then on the local files tab click verify Integrity of game files. This will run through all of the files on your PC and if any files are corrupt or even missing they'll be re-downloaded and fixed then you can launch up the game and hopefully things will be working a bit better


Now, if the game not working as you expect or it's crashing out on certain Maps well, the easiest thing you can do is try and lower your graphic settings to make the game a little bit less demanding. (you can checkout our guide on the best settings to run MW2 Beta on PC). This game is especially demanding on older hardware and Hardware that isn't fully up to date speaking of the game is very picky when it comes to drivers and things like that both AMD and Nvidia have minimum driver versions that you should be at least at or above in order for the games to work properly.


Fix MW2, Beta, Unplayable Errors, Bugs

Now, if MW2 Beta is still crashing or you can't even get into game at all then we can try resetting the settings for the game so it starts up practically fresh and brand new. In order to do so hold down start and press E to bring up the file browser, go to your documents tab then open Call of Duty, there you’ll find a configuration file and different folders for the steam ID Battlenet ID or whatever. All you need to do is find the folder and simply either rename it or delete it, either way the game won't find the settings and it'll have to create new settings from scratch dropping us straight into a fresh brand new copy of the game. Of course all your progression and things like that will be saved as they're saved on the cloud not on your PC.


After updating drivers and clearing out the saved settings, the game should hopefully be launching properly otherwise if it's still not working properly and you have no updates pending either for the game or for your drivers what else can we try well, a common issue that could be happening with some games on certain hardware and certain configurations is something hooking onto the game that's making it unhappy, this could be anything from frame monitoring software to OBS or other recording software as well. All you need to do is try and close as many programs as possible then launch up the game the easiest thing to do is a fresh reboot and once you AC started up hit Ctrl shift escape to open up the Windows task manager and on the processors tab you'll be closing everything that isn't specifically a Windows service and something you don't need running. So, close everything from email, file explorer, Chrome whatever else and run the game once more. We'll just need our game client which will be steam or Battlenet or whenever open as well as the game itself at that point if you're still getting crashes it could just be a glitch or something like that especially in the open Beta period. The best solution is to head across to the Steam discussion, then create a poll or a thread.