NBA 2K23: How to Earn VC without real money

NBA 2K23 allows you to earn VC (in-game currency) to buy packs and various cosmetics for your character in MyCareer. In this guide, we’ll show you how to farm it without spending your real money.


What are the ways to farm VC in NBA 2K23?


Here is a list of activities that gives you VC as a reward:


By logging into the NBA 2K23 mobile app every day, you will collect some VCs. It is also possible to have a little more by participating in mini-games on the app.


By answering 2KTV questions during loading screens, you will be able to obtain VC by answering correctly.


By doing challenges in MyCareer.


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By playing games in the Ante-up mode and by playing matches, you will earn a lot of VC.


By signing with a good agency in the MyCareer mode.


You will also receive VC by completing objectives given to you by the sponsors.


By spinning the wheel and participating in events in the City.