Why iPhone 14 Pro USB transfer speed slow?

Have you noticed that your iPhone 14 Pro takes so long to transfer your data, images or videos?

Well, do you know that the iPhone 14 Pro is using super outdated USB port? In fact, the iPhone 14 series are using USB 2.0 transfer speeds, which is about 10 times slower than the USB 3.1 standard that we see on most smartphones like the Galaxy s22 Ultra.


Imagine transferring those 48MP images and those high quality 4K videos using the cable. Now, apple is pushing people to use the over-the-air solutions for example AirDrop which is great if you're transferring stuff to a Macbook but imagine transferring stuff to a Windows laptop or for some reason if you ever need a cable to transfer things then it is going to be take too long to complete.


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This is embarrassing to see on a flagship phone that cost twelve hundred dollars in 2022 and it definitely needs to die and it will die as we're going to see USBC on the iPhone 15 series.