FIFA 23: how to get FGS Tokens? Swaps Schedule

In FIFA 23, you can obtain FGS tokens and to get them you’ll have to watch 60 mins of stream during each FIFA 23 Global Series event.


According to EA Sports, you can get FGS tokens by following certain FIFA 23 Global Series events on YouTube. Right now, we don't have any date available but we will show you how to link your YouTube and EA account.


Go to the page dedicated to linking accounts on YouTube


Then search for Electronic Arts and click on the "Associate" button


Accept the association requests, then confirm by clicking Continue


Now click Link accounts, then click Return to YouTube to complete the link


You can also get FGS tokens by following certain FIFA 23 Global Series events on Twitch. To get them, you will need to link your EA account and your Twitch account and make sure Drops are enabled.


Here's how to link your Twitch and EA account:


Link your Twitch and EA account by going to the dedicated page on EA's website


Watch 60 minutes of an FGS eligible event


Once you have watched the required 60 minutes of stream, it may take up to 72 hours for the FGS token to be awarded to your account.

FIFA 23, How To, FGS Tokens, Swaps Schedule

FIFA 23 FGS Token Schedule (Twitch)


For now, we know that some of the dates make it possible to obtain:


Monday, October 17

Monday, October 24

Monday, October 31

Monday, November 7

Monday, November 14

Monday, November 21

Monday, November 28

Monday, December 5 

Monday, January 16 

Wednesday, January 18

Saturday, January 21 

How to get FGS player cards in FIFA 23?

To get the player cards, you need to accumulate a certain number of tokens to exchange them for packs. 

Here are the possible rewards.

1 token : 1 premium gold pack

2 tokens : 1 Premium Gold Players Pack

3 Tokens : 1 Prime Gold Players Pack

4 Tokens : 1 Rare Players Jumbo Pack