If you have recently downloaded and updated your Nvidia driver to the latest one (526.47), and running into issues such as micro stuttering, textures like walls or bushes disappear for a few seconds, the image flickers or game crashes while playing Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) then you can do the following steps to fix your problem. However, please note that this is a temporary fix and not an official hotfix.


Installs an older driver from Nvidia


You can download an older version of the driver yourself from the Nvidia website in order to overwrite the new version. Here we have a link to an older version for you: Nvidia driver 522.25


Fix Modern Warfare 2 MW2 Nvidia driver 526.47 crashes

Change your driver version manually


If you do not want to download an older version of the driver, you can also change it manually. Go to your device manager and find your graphics card. Then open your graphics card properties and switch to the “Driver” menu item. Now you have to tap on "Previous driver" and have activated the last version of your driver. 


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