How to Level up Weapons Fast and Earn XP Modern Warfare 2 MW2?

In this short guide, we’ll show you some useful tips on how to level your weapons quickly and more effectively in Modern Warfare 2 MW2.


Our first tip is to select the correct mode that gives you more XP


One the modes in MW2 brings you a lot of XP, and that is 32vs32 battle map mode (ground war). This mode lets you compete against a large team and take zones on a huge map. Many players have now found in their time in multiplayer that ground war is the most worthwhile for XP.


Our next tip is to try and kill many enemas as possible to earn bonuses


The second way to get extra XP is through kill bonuses. Kill bonuses are mainly things that can come along with a kill. These include:


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Multiple kills in a row


Kingslayer kills


At first glance, the extra 15 or 20 XP doesn't seem like much, but if you get multiple such bonuses in one round, it all adds up. So try your hand at it and clean up the battlefield.


Our last and final tip is to earn extra XP through camo challenges


A final step to collect even more XP are the Camo Challenges. With them, you not only unlock cool and, above all, rare weapon finishes, you even get a bit of XP when you complete them.


The good thing about this is that the challenges in MW2 have been simplified a lot. You no longer have to spend 10 hours on a challenge, you can do it comparatively. So while you're looking for kill bonuses in the ground war, you can also unlock the camo challenges along the way.


An important note: If you play through the story missions in MW2 consecutively, you can earn so-called "Weapon XP Tokens" for completing some missions. These can then be redeemed in multiplayer and will give you double experience points for your equipped gun in the event of kills or similar actions to gain XP. Note, however, that this is a consumable item and this token expires after use.