How to score more goals in FIFA 23? New technique

Are you looking for a new shoot that score more goals easily in FIFA 23? A simple trick shot is gaining popularity with gamers right now.


What's that shot?


The outside foot shot, or "trivela," is a shot with the outside edge of the foot and is therefore a little more technically challenging than the "normal" inside shot. , For example: Ricardo Quaresma was famous for his Trivela shots.


Players like Quaresma have excelled in past FIFAs with the "outside foot shot" ability, which automatically activates such shots. They still exist in FIFA 23 - but you can now trigger the Trivela shots yourself.

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How to perform outside foot shot, or trivela


L2 and Circle (Shoot Button) (PS Controller)

LT and B (shoot button) (Xbox controller)


Important: This is actually the combination for the "Flair" shot. But if you charge the shot above three bars, the Trivela shot comes out.


Now all you have to do is position your player correctly. Place a right foot on the right edge of the penalty area and a left foot on the left edge of the penalty area. Now shoot into the far corner of the goal with the outside foot shot, or "trivela. There is a good chance that the opposing goalkeeper will have a lot of trouble catching the ball.