Modern Warfare 2 MW2 Split Screen Not Work, how to activate?

If you are having issues with playing Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) in split screen, well, first-of-all, you should know that the split screen option is not available for all game modes. This is particularly the case for the 3rd person mode and Rescue of prisoner. For most other activities, it is possible to activate it and here we’ll show you the procedure how to do it:

Start Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2


Then go to Multiplayer mode


Now connect a second device to your console (controller or keyboard and mouse)


Follow the invitation that will appear at the top right of your screen


Modern Warfare 2, MW2, Split Screen, Not Working, How to Activate

Connect the second player to an Activision account or create one


Now, you can play with your friend or family member in split screen. Please noted that it is necessary to have a second Activision account in order to take advantage of the functionality.


Also, not that the Split Screen option is not available for cooperative modes but only accessible for multiplayer game modes with the exception of 3rd person mode and Prisoner rescue.