Overwatch 2: how much you need to buy all skins?

Overwatch 2 offers you a is a large selection of costumes so buying all of them will cost you a large sum of money, but how much exactly. It is difficult to answer this question considering the number of costumes and the fact that you have to go through an intermediary currency in the game to buy them.


If you want to buy all Overwatch skins, you need to spend 1,022,600 Overwatch Coins. This represents the equivalent of $10.226.


To buy all skins in Overwatch will cost you a large amount of money. Obviously, there are in-game currencies that allow you to get skins without using real money.


Overwatch 2, How Much, Buy All,

As you can see here, there are:


254 legendary skins

138 epic skins

127 common skins

213 emotes

221 victory poses

133 highlight intros

980 voice lines