Fix Darktide hangs, startup errors, not launching, Windows 11

In this short guide, we’ll show you how to fix Warhammer 40,000: Darktide hangs, startup errors and not launching on your PC running Windows 11.


First, make sure to close all of the background programs which are not needed to run the game (including Discord or even recording software).


Next, make sure to update your graphics driver. (If the update did not work you need to roll back or use a more stable version)

Fix Darktide, Hangs, Startup Errors, Not Launching, Crashing, Windows 11

If your issue is not solved yet, then try rendering the game as administrator. To do this search and find the shortcut for the Steam then right click it and choose render's administrator then when you startup the actual game itself it should run in admin mode.


You can also try some compatibility settings: to do this you have to right click Warhammer 40K Darktide in the Steam game library - Manage - Browse local files, then in the list click binaries folder, then find and right-click on Darktide.exe - then choose properties - Compatibility then tick Disable full-screen optimizations and Run this program as administrator then click apply OK. 


Now, try and start-up the game again through Steam. Note that launching it through the  exe itself usually won't work properly, if you're running a third-party antivirus now is a good time to try and temporarily disable it.


Now, if things are not fixed then there are a couple more things you can try:


If you're running with very low available Ram in your PC, then we can try raising your paging file or basically emergency overflow Ram which puts things on our hard drive or SSD when things get a little bit too crammed to prevent programs and Windows crashing.


Go to the start and search performance, you will get the Adjust the Appearance and Performance of Windows, inside of this you’ll get a new window  click the Advanced tab and undo virtual memory - click Change. Now, you can tick automatically manage paging file size for all drives otherwise if you prefer to have this un-ticked you can select the fastest drive in your PC or simply C drive and choose system managed size otherwise you can choose custom size and enter a good amount of space to dedicate to overflow Ram. Usually, under 12 GB of RAM is better. You can set this to around 6000 MB or 6 GB.


If you're crashing where you should see cutscenes or videos you may simply be missing video codecs, which are essential for different video formats. So find the media feature pack for your Windows and install it.


Now, restart your PC and hopefully things will be working fine.