Harvestella Grilla: best ways to earn money fast

Grilla is the main currency in Harvestella. In this short guide we’ll show you how earn or farm money fast in the game.


Sell Cooked Food


In Harvestella, you can earn money by cooking various recipes and selling them to the inns in the area. You can get the recipes from the general store and then you can cook the desired recipes by getting the ingredients and swinging the cooking spoon in the kitchen, which also has to be built first. You will earn good amount of money Grilla by completing the orders - an effective method if you want to earn money quickly.


Sell Fish


You can also earn money by selling fish. For that you have to buy the Fishing Guide (book) from the General Store. This will automatically unlock a fishing rod, you can then take it to the nearest fishing spot and start fishing.


When you complete the optional quest, you can unlock special assignments. Bring the quest giver special variety of fish and sea food and get a good sum of money for the trade. The rest that you don't need you can either eat or store.

Harvestella Grilla, Best Ways, How To, Earn Money Fast

Sell Crops


In Harvestella, you can plant seeds and then you can sell the harvest. However, you have to make sure that you plant the right and profitable seeds. You can basically divide the seeds into two categories:


Seasonal and One life Cycle

Recurring and seasonal


The Recurring seeds are the more valuable for you, because you only have to plant them once and you can harvest them several times. This applies to lemons, tomatoes and strawberries. Always make sure to plant seeds at the right time of year, especially on trees that take up a lot of space.