Marvel Snap: best decks to win easily, beginner’s guide

Marvel Snap is a free-to-play video game available to play on mobile devices (Android and iOS) and PC. In this beginner’s guide, we’ll show you the best deck to win the game easily.


The game allows you to build a 12 card deck that you unlock as you progress through the Collection Level. The cards are divided into three pools, the first one start from collection level 18 to 214, the second from level 222 to 474+. Please note that if you don’t yet have certain cards from the decks shown below, you can get them randomly by increasing your collection level.  


Best decks for Pool 1


Odin Tiger Deck: 

Nightcrawler, Rocket Racoon, Yondu, Mister Sinister

Star Lord, Scarlet Witch, Iron HHHeart, Enchatress

Jessica Jones, White Tiger, Gamora


This deck exploits the potential of “Reveal” cards . These cards are triggered at the end of the turn when you reveal your card.


Yondu allows you to disrupt your opponent's deck by removing a card from their deck.


Nightcrawler and Scarlet Witch make it possible to play in hard -to-manage locations like the “Bar With No Name” which offers victory to the player with the least power there.


Odin is particularly powerful here since he allows you to trigger your Reveal effects on his location a second time.             


Onslaught or Spectrum Deck

 Ant-Man, Electra, Korg, Nightcrawler

Colossus, Captain America, Mister Fantastic

The Punisher, Namor, Onslaught, Spectrum


Marvel Snap, Best Decks, Win Easily, Beginner’s Guide

This time, the deck exploits the “Ongoing” cards. They are triggered with each modification in the game.


Elektra makes for low-cost, but high-potential opponent cards like Ant-Man.


It is necessary to play Onslaught or Spectrum in the last turn. The first card doubles the Ongoing effects on a slot, the second adds 2 power to each “Ongoing” card on the field.

This deck is probably one of the most meta currently in Pool 1.       


Kazoo Deck

Ant-Man, Electra, Korg, Nightcrawler

Rocket Racoon, Squirrel Girl, Angela, Captain America

Kazar, Blue Marvel, America Chavez, Onslaught


This deck takes advantage of Kazar and Blue Marvel. These cards will help boost the power of your cost 1 cards. It's a simple and flexible deck to play.


The cost 1 cards are ideally played on turn 1 and 3. Angela on turn 2 so she can boost to 7 power ideally and Kazar on turn 4.


This deck relies on inexpensive cards that will be boosted as the game progresses using Kazar and Blue Marvel.


Dino Deck

Ant-Man, Mantis, White Queen, Nightcrawler

Cable, Sentinel, Cosmo, Jessica Jones 

Devil Dinosaur, Iron Man, America Chavez, Onslaught


This deck is the most difficult for beginners to play and the best for the end of pool 1. It is based on a mixture of the previous mechanics to maximize your power.


The Devil Dinosaur coupled with Onslaught or Iron Man wins a slot in most cases.


Mantis, White Queen, Sentinel, and Cable are support cards that allow you to draw cards from your opponent's deck to maximize your Devil Dinosaur 's power .


Jessica Jones and White Queen will let you lock in a slot.


Cosmo helps counter the Enchantress


These decks allow you to easily start Marvel Snap