Warzone 2: how to play WZ 2 3rd Person, Unhinged BR Trios?

In Warzone 2 (WZ2), you will find many modes and one of them is Unhinged BR Trios and in this guide, we’ll show you how to play this mode.


Now, if you want to play this game mode, well, first, you are going to have to launch the game, then click on Warzone 2. Once in the Warzone 2 modes, you will be able to select Unhinged BR Trio from the playlist.


If you are wondering what this game mode is, well, BR Unhinged is the classic Battle Royale mode in principle, but you'll be able to recruit another team of three players to more easily win the game. To invite another trio, you need to use the Ping command which is the mouse wheel on PC, LB on Xbox controllers and L1 on PlayStation controllers and click on the option Invite nearby players to join your team. The trio must then accept and if they join you, you will be able to communicate via the Proximity chat.

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