How to Unlock Buzz Toy Story in Disney Dreamlight Valley DDV?

In this guide, we’ll show you how to unlock Buzz Lightyear, one of the Toy Story’s characters, as a resident in the Disney Dreamlight Valley (DDV).


First, you need to update your Disney Dreamlight Valley game to version to 1.2.


Once you have done that run the game and go to the Dream Castle, then head to the first floor and unlock the first door on the right-hand side to enter the realm of Toy Story. For this you need 7,000 Dreamlight. 


Once you enter the room, the Secret Mission in Uncharted Space starts and you can talk to Buzz Lightyear on the top of the table to the right. However, you need to find two AA batteries in the room for him.


Find Batteries


- The first battery is located between the green box and the toy stove.

- The second battery is on the floor to the left of the bed next to the bedside table.


Find Race Track Pieces


Your next task is to find ten Pieces of a car racetrack that are scattered around the room. (They are small plug-in pieces).

How To Unlock, Buzz Lightyear, Find Batteries, Toy Story, Disney Dreamlight Valley, DDV


Find Magic Growing Cactuses


Back at Buzz you should now look for five Magic Growing Cactuses in order to build certain sections of the track.


You then have to place the Cactuses on the shiny spots on the track sections and then water them with your watering can so that they grow. Then go back to Buzz.


How To Unlock, Buzz Lightyear, Toy Story, Disney Dreamlight Valley, DDV

Now, Buzz will give you a toy car to take to the ladder by the toy oven. A cutscene then starts automatically and Woody appears on the screen.


Buzz and Woody are now standing together by the window to the left of the bed. You must now take turns talking to them here to start the next step of the quest.


Find Bonnie’s Drawings


You should now find Bonnie's drawings, the magic growing cactuses and photograph them with your camera. Some of the drawings are well hidden in the room.


How To Unlock, Buzz Lightyear, Toy Story, Disney Dreamlight Valley, DDV

Once this is done, you can finally talk to Buzz and then leave the toy story realm. All you have to do now is place Buzz's home anywhere in the village and then welcome Buzz as a new resident in the village with the cost of 10000 coins. Then talk to him to complete the mission.