Forspoken: settings to improve gaming experience on PC, PS5

In Forspoken, you will be able to cast many spells, face magical creatures as well as Dragons. To survive in this world, you’ll have to use your magical powers given to you by a bracelet that seems to hide things from you. Then use Frey's unique abilities to fly through the open world of Athia, jump to incredible heights, run on walls and surf on water!


Here are some useful settings that will greatly help you in your gaming experience. Here are the steps you will need to perform:


Press Esc or the Start key on PS5, then head into Settings.


Forspoken, Useful Settings, Improve Gaming Experience, PC, PS5

Go to Accessibility Settings and set YES to Automatic Item Harvesting.

Go to Accessibility Settings and set YES to Automatic Lock Picking.

Go to Game Balance Settings then set YES to Slow Spell Switching.


This last parameter will allow you to obtain a slow motion when you change your spell, so it is very useful in fights to give you a moment of respite.


Many other parameters also exist, such as the recharging of your stamina or the difficulty of the game. Be careful, however, certain modifications can considerably modify the difficulty of the game.