Best graphics settings to run Hogwarts Legacy on low high PC

In this short guide, we’ll show you the best in-game / graphics settings to run Hogwarts Legacy smoothly on low-end or high-end PC.


Settings: Display Option     


Window mode - Windowed fullscreen


Upscale type - Nvidia DLSS


Upscale mode - Nvidia DLSS quality


Upscale sharpness - 0.33


Nvidia reflection low latency - On


VSync - Off 

Framerate - Uncapped


HDR - (depends on your hardware)


Field of view - +20.0


Motion Blur - Off


Depth of field - On


Chromatic aberration - Off


Film grain - On

Best Graphics Settings, Run Hogwarts Legacy, HL, Low End, High End, PC

Graphics Options


Global quality preset - Custom  


Effects quality - Medium


Material quality - Low


FOG quality - Low


SKY quality - Medium


Foliage quality - High


Post process quality - High


Shadow quality - Medium


Texture quality - Low (depends on your Vram)


View distance quality - High


Population quality - High 

Ray tracing reflections - Off


Ray tracing shadows - Off


Ray tracing ambient Occlusion - Off