How to use, spend or invest Virtue in Like a Dragon: Ishin?

In addition to the in-game currency Mon and Ryo in Like a Dragon: Ishin, there is another special currency that is just as important for progressing the game, namely Virtue. Ryoma can earn Virtue doing various activities such as defeating opponents, eating at restaurants or praying.


Early in chapter 2 you’ll find Shinto Priest directly, with whom you can exchange the Virtue for rewards. He is later in Rakunai at a larger shrine, which you can visit again and again. This is in the top left corner of the map.


You can buy a lot of different items with Virtue, but for the most part we recommend you wait and invest (redeem) in one thing only: buy Virtue Cultivation first! This has different levels and you get 50% more Virtue when you buy all levels. And every time you get Virtue points.


How To Use, Spend, Redeem, Invest, Virtue, Like a Dragon, Ishin

This is particularly useful for performance register tasks (e.g. “Talk to a person or animal 300 times”), which bring a lot of points. Normally you get 4,000 points, but by increasing Virtue you get a whopping 6,000 points.


The virtue points are also very valuable for country life, because only here you can buy upgrades for your house, new recipes and new types of seeds. You don't really need to invest in Ryoma's Reputation, because completing the sub-stories will give you enough Reputation and you'll be able to level up without any problems.