The Last of Us episode 6 running time, length, how long?

The episode 5 of The Last of Us series has been released on Saturday, February 11 and many fans are wondering how long the next episode is going to be.


If this is your case, we know that the next episode should last the same number of minutes as the previous episode, 59 minutes. After an episode that closed the Kansas City chapter, we will now find Tommy, Joel's brother during episode 6.


We still don’t have much information on episode 6 but, we already know that it will be 59 minutes long like episode 5 and this information was shared on IMDb.


The episode 6 will mark the reunion of Tommy and Joel, but will also deepen the relationship of Joel and Ellie and the arrival of new potential enemies who will be in pursuit of them. The next episode should therefore be quite rhythmic as was episode 5 broadcast this Saturday, February 11.