Wild Hearts: how to play Katana, combos, gameplay guide?

In Wild Hearts, the Karakuri Katana is a much lighter and faster sword. It can deliver fast blows or slower but destructive blows. It strikes the perfect balance between speed and power. It is one of the most mobile weapons in its movements and repositioning.


Available combos


The Katana has several very effective and powerful combos.


Light Strikes - Square (PS5) / X (Xbox) / Left Click


Medium Strikes - Triangle (PS5) / Y (Xbox) / Right Click


Lunge Heavy Strike - R2 (PS5) / RT (Xbox) / F


Light Combo - Followed light strikes


Wild Hearts, How To Play, Katana, Combos, Gameplay Guide

Fury of Blows (consumes stamina) - Light hits followed, then R2 / RT or F at any time


Medium Combo - Average Strikes Tracked


Forward Strike - Medium strikes while moving forward


Unbound Mode - R2 / RT / F + square / X or left click at the same time


End or deactivate Unbound Mode - R2 / RT / F + circle / B or right click at the same time


Forward Strike will be very useful for repositioning yourself behind the monster.


Despite the speed of the Katana's hits, they wo n't inflict that much damage, it's the Medium Combo and its last hit that will inflict high damage and Unbound Mode.


The Katana has its Unbound Mode, it will inflict more damage, have more range and modify certain combos.


Unbound Mode


While it has fast attacks and several combos, it is the Unbound Mode that makes this weapon so special, after filling the blue gauge by hitting the Kemono, you can activate it with R2 / RT / F + square / X or left click.


The sword will then transform into a relaxed blade with spikes, acting like a chain, boosting its damage, range and combos.