Best graphics settings to run TLoU Part 1 on Low, High PC

In this short guide, we’ll show you the best graphics settings to run The Last of Us (TLoU) Part 1 smoothly without stuttering on low or high-end PC.


Graphics settings


Display- Borderless windowed

Display resolution - Native

V-Sync - Off

Framerate cap - Unlocked (depends on your monitor)


Resolution scaling


Scaling mode - Nvidia DLSS Super Resolution

Quality - Quality




Field of view - 0

Motion blur - 0

Film grain intensity - 0


Graphics preset - Custom


Animation settings

Animation quality - Medium


Geometry settings


Draw distance - Medium

Dynamic object level of detail - Low

Characters level of detail - Medium

Environments level of detail - Medium

Texture settings


Dynamic objects texture quality - Ultra

Characters texture quality - Ultra

Environment texture quality - Ultra

Visual effects texture quality - Ultra

Texture filtering - Anisotropic 16x

Texture sampling quality - Ultra



Lighting settings   


Ambient shadows quality - Quarter resolution

Directional shadow resolution - Low

Directional shadow distance - Low

Image based lighting - Off

Spotlights shadow resolution - Low

Point lights shadow resolution - Low

Bounced lighting - Off

Screen space shadows quality - Medium

Dynamic screen space shadows - On

Contact shadow quality - Medium

Screen space ambient occlusion - On

Ambient occlusion denoise quality - Low

Screen space directional occlusion - On

Screen space cone tracing - On


Reflections settings    


Screen space reflection - Off 


Real time clouds shadow reflections - Off



Shading settings


Screen space sub surface scattering - Off

Reflection quality - Half resolution


Post-effects settings


Depth of field - Off

Motion blur quality - Off


Bloom resolution - Half resolution


Visual effects settings


Volumetric effects quality - Medium

Lens flare - Half resolution