What's new in Counter Strike 2? CS2 vs CSGO

Valve has revealed the Counter-Strike 2 and an open beta is also available on PC with limited access for now.


What are the changes in the Counter-Strike 2?


Retained Cosmetic Items 

First, you should know that in Counter-Strike 2, you will be able to keep all the items you have collected on the previous game (CS:GO). The latter will also benefit from graphical improvements on lighting and textures like the rest of the game. This should reassure players with rare and rather expensive weapon skins.


New Tick Rate System

If we are interested in the technical aspects of this new entry, there is the new Tick Rate system which will quite simply allow the actions of the players to see their delays reduced. The game will therefore use "subticks" rather than "ticks" to retrieve the game state, which will allow the server to know the exact moment when players perform an action such as moving, shooting or throwing a grenade.


New modeling for smoke grenades

What's New, Counter Strike 2, CS2 vs CSGO, Responsive Smokes, Grenades

The physics of smoke grenades will also change greatly. Responsive Smokes (grenades) will become dynamic volumetric objects that interact with your environment. This means that all players will see the same regardless of their position and it will be possible to interact with the smoke cloud. For example, the explosion of a grenade will dissipate the smoke for a few moments, providing new gameplay possibilities.


Modern graphics

Finally, the graphic evolution is going to be a major addition. The license having already a few years behind it, the graphic evolution may surprise you. Maps are going to be upgraded with reworked scenery and environments. Counter-Strike 2 maps will be sharper, clearer and of higher quality. You will obviously find Nuke, Overpass and Dust II.


Note that Source 2's rendering tools and features will be available to all creators who would like to create maps for the community. The Source 2 Workshop will also be available in a test phase later this year.