All Fortnite Weapons, Week 5 Chapter 4 Season 2 Patch 24.20

New weapons are available in Fortnite with the arrival of new Chapter 4 Season 2 Patch 24.20, and some of them in the latest update have already been revealed in the patch notes and here they are:


Thunder Spears


You can find this weapon in floor loot, scout regiment footlockers and loot chests. These are arm-raising rockets, designed to penetrate armored structures and explode and deal damage to enemies on both sides!


ODM Gear (Omni-Directional Mobility)


Omni-Directional Mobility can be found in floor loot, scout regiment footlockers and loot chests. This equipment allows you to grapple with a grappling hook while in the air and swoop down on your enemies! After attacking with the built-in blades, you'll be propelled into the air again to grapple again or hover and perform another attack.

All Fortnite Weapons, Week 5, Chapter 4, Season 2, Patch 24.20


Lock on Pistol


This is a pistol that seems to be able to lock on a target and hit your target 100%. A weapon that is likely to be formidable and very strong in the BR.


Kinetic Blade legendary and rare


The katana, kinetic blade, should be available in two versions of different rarities, namely legendary and rare.