Best graphics settings to run XDefiant on low or high PC

In this short guide, we’ll show you the best graphics settings to run XDefiant smoothly on low-end or high-end PC.


Video & graphics settings:


Windowed mode - Fullscreen


Resolution - Native


Refresh rate - (depends on your monitor)


Enable reduced latency - Yes


Nvidia reflex low latency - Enabled


Enable DX12 renderer - Yes


HDR - Off


V-Sync mode - Off


Framerate limit - Off


Shadow quality - Low


Spot shadows - Medium


Spot shadow resolution - Low


Contact shadows - Off


Resolution scale - 100%


Particle detail - Low


Best Graphics Settings, XDefiant, Low-End PC, High-End PC

Volumetric fog - Low


Reflection quality - Low


Local reflection quality - Off


Vegetation quality - Quality


Sub-surface scattering - Off


Parallax mapping - Yes


Ambient Occlusion - Low


Object detail - 0

Extra streaming distance - 10 (depends on Vram)


Lens flare - Off


Water quality - Low


Chromatic aberration - Off


High-resolution sky textures - No


Terrain quality - Low