First Two Pages Of Frankenstein Songs - The National

The National’s ninth studio album "Firsts Two Pages Of Frankenstein" has just been released.


First Two Pages Of Frankenstein is the group's first release since guitarist Aaron Dessner became a producer for top pop artists. Taylor Swift has been working steadily with him since 2020 and appears on "The Alcott", which she also helped write.


Along with the Taylor Swift, two more singers who make a difference in the music of the century are present in "First Two Pages...". Sufjan Stevens guest on the great opening track, "Once Upon a Poolside", and Phoebe Bridgers sings backing vocals on "This Isn't Helping" and the well-known "Your Mind Is Not Your Friend".


First Two Pages Of Frankenstein Tracklist 

1 - "Once Upon a Poolside (Feat. Sufjan Stevens)"

2 - "Eucalyptus"

3 - "New Order T-Shirt"

First Two Pages Of Frankenstein, Tracklist, Songs, New Album, The National
4 - "This Isn't Helping (Feat. Phoebe Bridgers)"

5 - "Tropic Morning News"

6 - "Alien"

7 - "The Alcott (Feat. Taylor Swift)"

8 - "Grease In Your Hair"

9 - "Ice Machines"

10 - "Your Mind Is Not Your Friend (Feat. Phoebe Bridgers)"

11 - "Send For Me"