Fix Dead Island 2 DI2 crash, stutter, low FPS drops, lags PC

In this short guide, we’ll show you how to fix Dead Island 2 DI2 crashing, lagging, stuttering, low FPS or FPS drops on your PC


If you are running the DI2 on Windows 10 or 11 and experiencing above issues, then it   can be due to several reasons:


- Insufficient system requirements: Your PC must meet the minimum requirements to run Dead Island 2 smoothly, otherwise the game will continue to crash.


- Old graphics card driver: An outdated or faulty driver can prevent your graphics card from working properly, leading to various issues.


- Missing or Corrupted Game Files: Outdated, missing, or corrupted game components can cause Dead Island 2 to stop and crash, with or without an error message.


- Third-Party Applications: Certain third-party applications and services may interfere and conflict with game processes, causing Dead Island 2 to crash during gameplay, on startup, or while loading.


- Improperly set settings: Improper settings in the game or on your PC can also cause issues.


Before jumping into the main solutions, make sure your PC meets the system requirements of Dead Island 2 and perform the following steps:


Fix Dead Island 2, DI2, Crash, Stutter, Low FPS, FPS Drops, Lags, PC

- Install DirectX Runtime and Visual C++ , then restart your PC


- Enable Windows High Performance Mode


- Check that your power supply is sufficient and that there is no hardware problem


Then follow the methods below to fix Dead Island 2 issues:


- Update graphics card driver


- Fix Dead Island 2


- Clear your browser cache


- Clear shader cache


- Disable full screen optimization


- Uninstall suspicious apps


- Reinstall the game


If the problem persists, try the following methods:


- Update Windows to the latest version


- Run Dead Island 2 in Administrator Mode


- Disable the XMP profile if it is active on your system


- Reset or reinstall Windows


- Add RAM or upgrade your hardware