RE4 Remake: how to fix Fatal D3D Error 25 low-end PC

Since the release of Resident Evil 4 Remake, many PC gamers have been encountering various bug issues and errors. The Fatal D3D Error 25 is one of them, and you may encounter this as your PC is not able to run this game efficiently.


Here are some solutions to fix this issue


Make sure that your game is not blocked by your antivirus


Update your graphics card


Reinstall Virtual C+

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Use Windows 10 or 11


Uninstall and reinstall Steam


Unplug any peripherals that aren't needed, like a gamepad if you're not playing gamepad, etc.


Disable the Steam Overlay by following this path:

- Launch Steam

- Click on Steam in the upper left corner of the screen

- Select Settings

- Go to the In-game tab

- Uncheck the box next to Enable Steam Overlay

- Click OK


Verify the game files on Steam. To do this:

- Right click on the game

- Click Settings in the drop-down menu

- Go to the Local Files tab

- Click "Verify integrity of game files .."


Increase your PC's virtual memory


Set Resident Evil 4 Remake to high performance in Graphics Settings on Windows 10 or 11