Warzone 2 and MW2 Season 3 battle pass rewards

Warzone 2 and MW2 Season 3 is now available to play. Discover the content of the new battle pass on the Battle Royale of Modern Warfare 2.


The latest update brings you a new Battle Pass that comes with over 100 rewards, such as new weapons and two highly anticipated Operators. The Battle Pass will be available from the start of the season and can be upgraded to access all items.


Players who got the Season 3 Battle Pass or the Battle Pass Bundle will have immediate access to the two sectors containing Alejandro and Valeria. It should be noted that other operators should arrive during the mid-season.


New weapons: FJX Imperium (Interventation), Cronen Squall and a new pistol during the season.


New Battle Pass – Blackcell: For $29.99, Black Cell will include over 7,000 COD Points, everything originally in the Battle Pass Pack, plus additional exclusive content.

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All rewards:


Access the full Season 3 Battle Pass and 20 tier passes (25 on PlayStation)

1,100 COD Points to earn instantly

Up to 1,400 COD Points obtainable throughout the Battle Pass

A Black Cell Operator, dressed in a striking animated camouflage outfit

A weapon blueprint with pro tuning, a vehicle skin, and an execution

A sector exclusive to Black Cell for the ZO of the Battle Pass, which can be used as a starting point

Immediately unlock sectors adjacent to the BlackCell sector in the Battle Pass

Additional Black Cell Battle Pass content: All Season 3 Battle Pass sectors including an Operator skin with also a Black Cell-specific unlockable variant (12 skins in total)