Fix Latency, Lag or Bug issues in WoW Dragonflight

World of Warcraft (WoW) Dragonflight has many players around the world. However, sometimes some of them experience latency or lag issues that can affect their gaming experience. In this article, we show you some useful tips to help you fix these issues and enjoy WoW Dragonflight to the fullest.


Here are some simple steps to fix latency issues:


Reset your User Interface (UI) to verify that your files and addons are not corrupted.


Reset your network devices to prevent your router from being overwhelmed with data.


Renew your IP address and clear your DNS cache to resolve any network conflicts.


Update your drivers to resolve compatibility issues.


If you are using a wireless connection, optimize your Internet connection to eliminate connection problems.


Close background applications to resolve software conflicts.


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If latency issues persist despite the previous steps, you can try the following fixes:


Disable any proxies that might interfere with the login module.


Perform a security scan to eliminate viruses or malicious infections.


Configure your security software's exception list to allow Blizzard apps to run.


Addon update


It is also recommended to update your addons, especially Raider IO, to avoid latency issues with outdated versions.


Recurring issues with updates or expansions


It is important to note that latency issues may be more common when releasing an update or expansion, due to high demand on servers. In this case, it is advisable to wait and try again later.