Foo Fighters new album But Here We Are Songs, Teacher lyrics

Foo Fighters released their new album "But Here We Are" today, Friday (2). This is the band's first studio album after the death of drummer Taylor Hawkins.

In this album, as well as in the first two of the group, Dave Grohl took over the drums in the recordings. As expected, the lyrics of "But Here We Are" carry a high emotional charge with Dave paying tribute to Taylor and also to his mother, Virginia Grohl, who passed away in 2022. 

The album brings the classic Foo Fighters signature sound: melodic rock with explosive choruses in Dave's voice. However, there is also room for experimentation, as shown by the track "The Teacher", the longest of the Foo Fighters’ entire career, last 10 minutes and 4 seconds.

"The Teacher" has a very grunge-oriented feel, from its darker, more melodic beginning to the middle and onwards, when the track gets heavier. The single also arrived accompanied by a very psychedelic video, mixing and overlapping images of different places, things, and even the members.

But Here We Are Songs

Foo Fighters, New Album, But Here We Are, Songs, Teacher Lyrics, Track List
1. Rescued 

2. Under You

3. Hearing Voices

4. But Here We Are 

5. The Glass

6. Nothing At All 

7. Show Me How 

8. Beyond Me

9. The Teacher

10. Rest

The Teacher (Lyric Video)