Force Within Quest list: Fortnite Star Wars Challenges

Many quests are available in Fortnite (Week 8, Chapter 4, Season 2) during the Star Wars event.


Here is the full list of the Force Within Quests.


Land five times during Find the Force event

Learn 3 Force abilities at Rift Gates in different matches

Search a Republic chest

Hire a character

Damage an enemy player that is wielding a lightsaber or DC-15 Blaster

Destroy 50 objects with Force abilities or a Star Wars weapon

Collect 250 ammo at Named Locations

Launch 2 Kinetic Ore with a Star Wars weapon

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Travel 500 distance on foot at night

Travel 1,138 distance in vehicles

Survive Storm Phases 25 times (Stage 1 of 3)

Travel 1,000 distance while sprinting (Stage 1 of 3)