Fortnite: how the new Rank Up (Unreal) system works?

A new ranked system starts with the latest Fortnite patch 24.40. From now on, it is no longer enough to play for fun or to unlock cosmetic rewards.


It's time to prove your skills, climb the ranks and aim for Unreal rank. But how do you rank up in Fortnite ranked system?


In the Fortnite lobby, if you have the Ranked option enabled, you will see your current rank appear on the left side of the screen. There is also a progress bar that shows whether you are about to rank up or fall back to the previous rank.


The progress bar moves forward or backward after each game, depending on several factors:


Your placement in the game: the closer you get to first place, the more progress points you earn.


The number of eliminations made by you or your team: each elimination brings you closer to the higher rank.


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Timing of Kills: Kills made late in the game count more than kills made early in the game.


The ranks of eliminated players: eliminating a higher ranked player earns more progress points.


In Fortnite ranked mode, teams are considered unique entities. All team members gain or lose progress equally, based on team placement and kills at the end of the game.


Your team's rank is determined by the highest rank among the players on the team. For example, if a team is made up of Gold I and Silver I players, matchmaking will consider the team to be Gold I and place them in a game against teams of similar rank.


Starting with Update 24.40, Ranked Mode will be available for the following Battle Royale and Zero Build formats: Solo, Duos and Squads for Battle Royale, and Duos for Zero Build. Battle Royale and Zero Build leaderboards are separate, meaning you can rank up independently in each of these modes.