Fortnite: what's new in update 24.40? Patch note

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 continues to bring new things to the game! As with every season, patches are rolled out regularly in the game to add new content, but also to fix certain bugs. 


This week, patch 24.40 is rolled out, brings its share of new features for the fourth update of Chapter 4 and Season 2.


Here is what Fortnite patch 24.40 brings


Added ranked games


Update 24.40 will mark the start of Season Zero for Ranked Modes. Season zero will last until the end of Chapter 4 - Season 3 of Battle Royale. During this period, Epic Games will make adjustments, but also fix any issues, while working on additional features for ranked modes as they begin to follow the usual Battle Royale Seasons schedule.


Your starting rank for Battle Royale and Zero Build in Season Zero will be based on your performance in your previous games, as well as your performance in your first ranked Battle Royale and Zero Build game. You'll need to play a ranked game of Battle Royale or Zero Build to find out your rank in that mode.

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8 rows are planned, 5 of which will be divided into several thirds. Here are the ranks that could soon be available:  Bronze (1 to 3), Silver (1 to 3), Gold (1 to 3), Platinum (1 to 3), Diamond (1 to 3), Elite, Champion and Unreal.


Balances and bug fixes


- The material limit will be reduced from 999 to 500.


- The harvest rate will be slightly increased.


- Players will drop 50 units of each material upon elimination.


- Fixed an issue that prevented players from being healed with Slurp after being DBNO.


- Back Blings worn with the Clone Trooper outfit no longer appear to be detached.


- Clone Trooper outfit head movements are no longer static.


- Fixed an issue that caused some outfits to glow. 

Complete Patch Note 24.40